5 tips to motivate employees and encourage productivity in your company

tips to motivate employees

5 tips to motivate employees and encourage productivity in your company

We know that achieving success in a company depends to a large extent on the performance, and of course, on the well-being of its workers. It is logical that if workers are comfortable with their work, have the comforts, and are motivated, the work performance and productivity of the entire company will improve for the better.

There are 3 basic rules in which to establish the entire incentive strategy to improve productivity. All employees must know:

  1. The procedures and processes to follow
  2. Your functions within the company
  3. The common objectives pursued

The motivation of all the agents involved is one of the fundamental parts in order to obtain the results that are expected. We must not forget that a company must be aligned and pursue a common goal. To a large extent, the willingness of the employee to get involved in these goals will depend on the elements that motivate him to continue striving.

These are the 5 tips that will help you motivate employees and boost the productivity of your company:

Feng shui my friend: maintaining an orderly and functional workplace where tasks can be performed efficiently is of vital importance. The usability of the space directly influences productivity. It simplifies the worker’s day and reduces the stress generated by a poor predisposition of the elements of the workspace.

  1. Ping Pong changed my life

When you put in so many hours over days, weeks, or even months, you lose track of what you are doing. In other aspects of your life, you have already learned how important it is to distance yourself from things, and at work, it is no different. It is proven that an employee cannot maintain concentration for 8 hours. You need, we need a vanishing point and as a human resources manager you can take the initiative. Enable spaces within the office where the employee can disconnect or interact with other colleagues. Ping pong can be a wise choice.

  1. Employee benefits

The compensation that an employee receives is one of the main reasons to work hard. As a company, it is not always easy to raise wages for workers. But, did you know that you can raise the salary and offer them medical insurance, transportation tickets, training courses, or even the gym’s monthly payment, without costing you a penny? At Factorial we offer flexible compensation plans and benefits for workers of any company. I insist, raising an employee’s salary, without the company having to pay more each month, is possible.

  1. Reward the effort

The vast majority of employees who are thinking of leaving their job is because they do not feel valued in the company. It is important to talk about failures constructively but acknowledging the effort of a job well done is not optional.

  1. Listening is wise

The proposals of the workers of your company are important. They are the ones who know the company the most and the main prescribers of your products or services. It enables communication channels so that employees can propose their own initiatives to improve the operation of the company, the product, or simply optimize some processes. With all this information, you will be able to take a survey of the work environment and find out first-hand what is happening in the company.

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