How to be more tolerant in life and relationship?

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How to be more tolerant in life and relationship?

Respecting others, trying to put oneself in someone else’s shoes, listening and understanding are some practices that we should all carry out because not only would we avoid displeasure, but we would also be more open and permissive towards others. Although sometimes it is not an easy task, following the pattern of tolerance would help us to get rid of useless burdens and be somewhat happier. We believe in freedom of expression, thought, and choice but we want to explain How to be more tolerant. With the following tips, you will learn to be more respectful of others, preserving your ideas and fundamental values. Take note!

Steps to be more tolerant

Step 1:

Try not to impose your own opinion, idea, or criteria. To be more tolerant, you must be willing to accept other people’s thoughts, as well as respect them as if they were your own. Although sometimes we argue for ideas totally opposite to ours, you must learn to analyze the arguments and avoid ridiculing, hurting, discriminating, or discrediting a person who is exercising their right to express themselves freely. Remember: you don’t have the absolute truth either.

Step 2:

Respect yourself and respect others. While you must be true to your thoughts and values, try to have a more open mind to understand and respect your opponent. Being on the offensive, yelling or prejudging or judging -directly- others will not make you the master of reason. To be more tolerant, you must break your own barrier and not set limits. Open your mind and perhaps you will discover that you can feedback on the thoughts of others to further build your own speech.

Step 3:

Empathy. This value is essential in order to be more tolerant. Empathizing with the environment means understanding, listening, attending, and understanding. That is, putting yourself in the shoes of the other, trying to understand the reality in which the other person lives so as not to judge immediately. Discovering other perspectives will help you understand other realities.

Step 4:

On the other hand, to be more tolerant, you should make an effort to get to know other cultures. Although it seems obvious, many people err in thinking that their own is the best. In any culture, there are positives and negatives. So trying to understand others will help you absorb knowledge and enrich yourself on a cultural and social level. Cultivate your tolerance away from prejudice.

Step 5:

Be and show yourself a smart person. Just like you don’t have the absolute truth, don’t let yourself be kidding. Destroy any other radical thought, as it will show that the other person is neither tolerant nor empathetic. It is not worth getting strong in that regard. Ignorance will be the best medicine.

Step 6:

Intolerance only shows that you are an insecure person and with certain deficiencies. Try to seek security in yourself, trust the validity of your thoughts and the validity of the opinions of others. Remember that the first step to accepting others is accepting yourself.

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