How to decorate a design garden: ideas to inspire you

Design garden decoration ideas

How to decorate a design garden: ideas to inspire you

With grass or gravel, with a fountain or pool, wild, classic, or modern… Take note of these decoration ideas and enjoy your design garden to the fullest.

If we like something about good weather, it is being outdoors. And if it is in a well-furnished garden, designed with style and with a well-thought-out layout, not even bad weather will get us out of our little oasis! So it’s time to examine the garden or the backyard to get the most out of it, finding inspiration in the most refreshing. It’s time to put on our gardening gloves and sign up for the best outdoor furniture. Summer will never end!

Hold On, Curves Are Coming

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The cement ceiling with organic shapes has become the main protagonist of this Australian house. Why not bet on such a sculptural design? In this way, we not only enjoy the shade in the garden but also give a sophisticated and dynamic touch to the garden.

A Resting Place

It seems incredible that this garden is in a house in Madrid. Thanks to the route with natural forms, they have achieved a quiet corner where you can enjoy a green space with lilac flowers that transmit serenity.

Tropical Style

This garden has taken advantage of every corner, with a space for a mini pool. A corner with tropical plants, and a lawn area where you can enjoy the good weather. We write it down: whenever we can have a pool, we will get one (no matter how small).

A Professional Garden

If we are going to look for inspiration, what better than to look at what the professionals do? The interior designer Luis García Fraile opened the doors of his Marbella refuge to us and we were impressed with the elegance and tranquility that the fountains transmit.

A Garden For Summer Nights

It is clear that the garden is the busiest space during the summer, and for this, we have to create a seating area where we can extend the evening around a brazier.

A Special Charm

In this house, it was possible to merge the aesthetic elegance of Old Europe with the typical informality of Australian life. And how? Mixing designs as if it were a trail, but with undeniable elegance.

Inspired By The Desert

Villa Kuro is designed with tranquility and relaxation in mind following the wabi-sabi philosophy in every corner of this inspiring house. He has even carried this idea into the garden with stones and cacti. Copy this scheme in your garden and you will never have to worry about your lawn again!

Pure Mediterranean Style

If we have to imagine an ideal meal in summer, it must be something similar to this garden with a pergola populated by climbers. Do we agree that the shade under the plants is completely different?

A Country Garden

If you were looking for ideas for the garden of your townhouse, you can stop here: get inspired by this farmhouse that has antiques such as doors, arches, or ceramics that partially disappear among the vines.

Here And Now

Bring the zen philosophy to your garden by creating grooves that surround small flowerpots in a balanced and natural way. It will be your corner of disconnection (or connection, depending on how you look at it!).

Mix & Match

This garden has a pool that mixes colors and patterns both in the square tile cladding in an orange tone, and in the black and white seat that stands out against the plants that surround this corner. A totally inspiring mix.

Green, I Love You Green

The plants have to be the protagonists of the garden, so do not hesitate to fill it with vines, bushes, and small trees. In summer you will appreciate it!

Modern Design

Note how the porch flooring blends into the grass. Don’t you think it’s a very original idea to sign up?

Eternal Summer

A delightful Mediterranean garden invites us to dolce far niente in the shade of the trees in this country house in the south of France. And it is that the black and white furniture contrasts with the green tones of the garden. An ideal mix!

The First Impression

There is no better way than to receive your guests through a garden as charming as this print. A fountain with an elongated pond and the sound of water accompany the steps to the main entrance.

The Continuation Of The House

A contemporary and minimalist house must have a garden that follows the same aesthetic line. Don’t you think? The straight lines and sophisticated materials that we find in this patio that act as a transition to the house already anticipate what we will find inside.

Natural, Like Life Itself

Get inspired by this garden where, beyond having flowers, two undisputed protagonists coexist in this small oasis in Marbella: a tree surrounded by some stones and a large cactus. Around it, the garden has more plants that give that feeling of living forever in the summer.

Classic And Modern

This London house knew how to mix antiques with modern designs in all the rooms, and the garden was not going to be less. Can we confirm that it is the most special combination? We confirm.

A Charming Garden

The pool design as ideal as the one in this house is only comparable to the lush vegetation of the garden that surrounds it.

An Unconventional Garden

The landscaper Hay Joung Hwang has filled this terrace with vegetation, inspired by the London neighborhood that can be seen at their feet: Covent Garden. We got this idea.


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