How to get better at mountain biking?

better at mountain biking

How to get better at mountain biking?

Mountain biking is a tough sport. I’ve seen people get up and ride again after an epic wipe-out, but it’s not easy. There are many ways to improve your mountain biking skills; the following blog post will help you with some tips on how to handle obstacles like roots, rocks, and stairs that other riders might miss.

So, you’ve been mountain biking for a while now and want to get better? There are many different ways to improve your skills. Read on for some tips! This article will discuss how to get better at mountain biking.

Does mountain biking get easier?

There are a lot of different things to think about when mountain biking. You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times and make sure you’re always in control. There’s a reason why some riders seem to just effortlessly cruise down the trails – they’ve been biking for years and have perfected their skills. For beginners, mountain biking can be a bit of a challenge. But with practice, you’ll get better at it!

How to get better at mountain biking?

Follow the tricks to get better at mountain biking:

1. Improve your skills on easier terrain first

Before you go out and try to tackle the most difficult trails, it’s important to work on your skills on easier terrain. Trying to ride a trail that’s too difficult for you can lead to frustration and a lot of crashes. Instead, start with trails that are more beginner-friendly and have a lot of gradual turns. You can even ride your local green or blue trail backward to practice. You can get your best mountain bikes under 1000 that will fulfill your needs. Keep in mind that you can also practice on man-made structures such as dirt jumps and BMX courses.

2. Stay balanced while riding over roots and rocks

One of the most important skills for mountain bikers is to stay balanced when riding over roots or rocks. If you are not able to stay balanced, there’s a chance that you might fall before being able to get over the obstacle. Try to avoid hitting your brakes while riding over these types of terrain. Instead, use them sparingly so that you have better control over turning your bike in the air.

3. Have a smooth pedal stroke

Getting a smooth pedal stroke is one way to be more efficient when biking. If you’re pedaling jerkily, it will not only tire out your muscles faster but also make you less able to handle turns and obstacles. Make sure that the pedals on your bike are tight enough so that they don’t move around or skip when you pedal. You might also want to try using clipless pedals so that you have more control over your bike.

4. Practice turning on different types of terrain

Turning is another important skill for mountain bikers. You need to be able to turn quickly and smoothly in order to avoid obstacles or make it through tight sections on the trail. Make sure to practice turning on all types of terrain, including roots and rocks. You might also want to try riding your trail backward so that you can see landmarks and obstacles from a different perspective.

5. Practice bunny hopping over obstacles

Bunny hopping is another useful skill for mountain biking. When practicing, make sure that the obstacle is not too high so that you don’t fall and hurt yourself. You should be able to easily lift your front tire as well as your rear tire so that they clear the object. If you’re not sure how to do this, try hopping over a cone first and work on lifting different sections of your bike each time.

6. Use obstacles as part of your strategy

When riding on a trail, you should always be looking ahead and planning your route. This includes taking into account obstacles that might be in your way. If you see an obstacle up ahead, try to figure out how you can use it to your advantage. For example, if you see a rock or large tree root, think about how you can use it to help you make a turn.

7. Wear the right gear

One of the most important things for mountain bikers is to wear the right gear. This includes clothes that can protect you from falls, as well as a helmet and gloves. Make sure that your bike is also in good working condition and that your tires are properly inflated.

8. Take breaks

If you’re feeling tired, it’s important to take a break and rest. This will help prevent you from getting too tired and make it more difficult to ride your bike. When taking a break, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat something nutritious.

9. Set goals for yourself

One of the best ways to become a better mountain biker is to set goals for yourself. In addition to racing, you might want to try riding in different places or trying out new types of terrain. Be sure not to get too frustrated if you’re not able to accomplish every goal that you have in mind right away.

10. Ride with other people

Riding with other people can help you improve your skills. When riding with others, you can learn from their mistakes and also observe how they handle different types of terrain. This is a great way to improve your skills without having to invest in a lot of extra equipment or training.

Now that you know some of the basic skills that you need to improve your mountain biking, it’s time to get out there and start practicing. Be sure to focus on one skill at a time and don’t try to do too much at once. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to ride like a pro in no time!


We hope this guide has helped you find the information that will help you get better at mountain biking. If we missed anything, or if there is another topic that would be helpful for beginners to know about, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to make sure it’s added! As always, happy riding!

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