How to get motivated to study?

How to get motivated

How to get motivated to study?

Don’t have the motivation to study? This is an interesting question for many students. In fact, it is the most normal thing in the world, because it requires a lot of discipline and effort to not lose motivation.

More on something that still doesn’t give us results … right? Now, how to get motivated to study? If you want to motivate yourself to study and need some advice, we invite you to read below.

How do get motivated to study?

It is important to know that there are two types: intrinsic and extrinsic. Other subtypes are derived from the combination of these two types: personal motivation, academic motivation, etc.


It is born from your desire to do something without the influence of some external stimulus as compensation. It represents your honest desire. Your passion manifested in the drive to do something for the pleasure of doing it. Its most notable feature is that it flows naturally and continuously. You don’t have to make an effort to experience it because it is part of who you are.


It is activated by means of an external stimulus, which normally appears as compensation. It does not appear naturally but induced. And the impulse that it generates in the behavior is directly proportional to the interest that one has in the external stimulus. When interest in the stimulus disappears, so does motivation.

Examples of each

(Intrinsic motivation)

When you study because you want to learn, you will finish your studies, but you will learn and understand everything you want to learn and understand because you won’t need anyone to pressure or push you simply because that is something you want to do.

(Extrinsic motivation)

When you do something for others, your motivation will remain as long as you want to continue pleasing those people. But if at any point you feel alienated or disappointed by them, you will likely end up dropping out.

Keep Curious

Try to find the similarity between what you study and real life. Encourage curiosity in you, and make a subject much more attractive and easy to learn.

Be realistic with your goals

The best way to gain confidence in yourself to continue studying is to achieve the proposed objectives. To do this, create daily goals that are affordable, achieve them and improve your study motivation.

Always positivity

Eliminate “I can’t” from your vocabulary. If you start from that premise, you will begin to study with greater confidence in what you are capable of achieving and not in what you are not. If you want, you can.

The first step is always to try

If you want to pass a subject, the first thing you have to do is try to pass it. If you try hard enough, you don’t try. You get it.

Have your own plan

Set your study schedule, set your study plan. Stick to it, be realistic over time, don’t ask yourself for more than you know you can do. Little by little, you will want to dedicate more and more to it.

Do not be influenced

What they tell you doesn’t matter. If someone tells you that something is impossible, think that it will be impossible for that person, you can do what you propose. You just have to put in the effort necessary for each situation.

Say no to distractions

Create a pleasant study environment. One that favors your concentration and the use of the hours you study.

Being lazy you won’t gain anything

Laziness is one of the main detonators of demotivation. If you are lazy, you will never achieve anything, and in the future, you will regret having spent that time without taking advantage of it studying and improving your ability to do things.

Rest … and a lot

When you feel like you have to stop, that’s when you should stop to rest. You will notice how your body asks for more action in a while and you will be recovered to give 100% again. Make stops every time you feel like you have to.

Reward yourself because you deserve it

When you finish with the daily plan and have achieved the proposed objectives for the day. Reward yourself for a job well done. Meet your friends for a beer, play the game, go out and play sports.

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