How to stay positive when you are sick

stay positive when you are sick

How to stay positive when you are sick

Maintaining a positive attitude is beneficial in any aspect of life. In the case of having to face a serious illness, it is even more so. After being diagnosed with a disease, any person sees for a moment how their life is cut short. Now, how to stay positive when you are sick? The patient’s mind begins to be bombarded with millions of questions, and his emotions begin to emerge uncontrollably.

The cure attitude: how to stay positive when you are sick

The most logical reaction to these circumstances is denial, an explosion of rage, anger, and pain. Sadness and dejection take over the person and their loved ones.

After this initial phase is when people begin to adopt a certain attitude or a position in the face of the new situation that they have had to live in, and this is the difference that will make the difference.

Accept the situation as soon as possible

It is best to accept the situation as soon as possible; In order to change something, we must first be aware of it.

Avoid anticipating events. Nobody knows what is to come, and getting worse does not help us prevent it. It is best to focus on the next step and then the next and gradually move forward, tackling difficulties as they arise. If not, we can fall into the mistake of worrying about something that may never happen.

The main enemy is fear

The main enemy you fight against in illness is fear. The uncertainty of not knowing what to face is what makes us suffer.

The best way to combat this uncertainty is to ask for information. Some people choose not to know; I think it is preferable to talk to the doctors and ask for the necessary explanations to know as accurately as possible what is happening to us and how we can solve it.

Doctors will decide treatment; how this treatment is going to be faced is decided by the patient. There are people who choose to feel sorry for themselves, indulge in pain, and take on victims’ roles, which does not benefit them at all.

People who are predisposed to be on the positive side will have a better prognosis from the start.

Surround yourself with your dearest people

In difficult times, we need to be close to the people we love, and it is when we realize who we have and who we do not. It is also essential to surround ourselves with those who transmit positive energy and large doses of optimism.

A sense of humor, feeling loved, and sharing feelings are the perfect ingredients to signal to the body and brain that you have a lot to say about how the healing process will be.

It has been proven that there is a direct relationship between the body, mind, and emotions.

Some researchers have baptized it with psychoneuroimmunology, a term that refers to that biological interaction between the nervous system, the immune system, the endocrine system, attitudes and behaviors, and how this relationship affects the development of diseases or in its healing processes. Many doctors say that the patient’s attitude and emotional state are decisive in the disease’s evolution.

Work to increase your optimism

For this reason, it is convenient to do things that help us maintain optimism, such as contacting people who have gone through a similar situation, writing a journal or creating a blog, listening to happy music that fills us with vitality, getting hooked on a book or watch funny movies.

Above all, share and express what you feel, give yourself permission to cry, be sad, and vent in the way that each one needs. This is also part of the emotional improvement.

Being optimistic when things are going well is easy, but being optimistic when experiencing illness requires a much greater effort.

If you feel that you cannot do it alone, you can always seek help from a professional. The important thing is to be sure that a good attitude can be decisive for healing and that wanting to face the disease from the positive side depends on you.

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