Ideas that work to decorate a garden with little money

Garden decoration ideas

Ideas that work to decorate a garden with little money

Do you want to improve the appearance of your garden but you do not have much budget? Here are some suggestions for decorating outdoor spaces.

Renew The Pots

In addition to plants that grow in the ground, it is a good idea to grow some species in a container, also in the garden. Fruit trees, for example, lend themselves very well to this. An idea to decorate outdoor spaces without having to invest a large amount of money is to include garden plants in pots or renovate the ones you already have. Choose clay models, with rustic air, enameled, metal, etc.

Arrange Plants In Levels

Decorate your garden

When planting new specimens of shrubs, flowering, or herbaceous plants in your garden, it is important to draw up a previous scheme taking into account the size of each species. It is advisable to take into account the height of the plants to be able to place them at different levels, putting the tallest bushes behind. This way you will prevent the result from being uniform and you will give the whole more dynamism.

Take Advantage Of The Decorative Effect Of Garden Aggregates

Gravel, river stone, marble aggregates, etc. Decorative stones are a low-cost solution for your garden and can be used to decorate outdoor pavements, creating very decorative effects. You can combine several in different areas, trace paths, define lawns, etc. Choose the material that best suits your style and use it in a creative way to decorate your garden. The aggregates are not excessively expensive and provide a very personal touch.

Use Light And Versatile Auxiliary Furniture

Renewing the outdoor furniture in the living area may not be too cheap, but we can update the garden with a versatile piece that will give us a lot of play this summer. Like the wooden picnic table in the photo, with built-in benches. You can also bet on a hammock, a garden bench, etc. What if you turn an old wooden pallet into a seat for the chill-out area? You just need to add a mat and… voila! See how to make a sofa with pallets, it’s not that difficult!

Add Colorful Flowers

If you need color in your garden, the best way to get it (and the cheapest) is through flowering outdoor plants. Study the flowering of the different species, find out when it occurs, and establish a planting calendar to achieve a flowery garden for most of the year. It is an affordable idea that adds beauty and joy in abundance. You can choose roses of various colors, gardenias, petunias, lavender, hydrangeas, etc. When selecting the species, take into account the climate of the area in which you live and the care of the plants.

Trace Garden Paths

The paths are elements that help us design the landscaping of our garden in a simple way. They do not have to be very long if you do not have many square meters. A small path paved with a material different from the rest will suffice. It can be gravel (you find it in different shades), stone slabs, rustic-style tiles, wooden planks, etc. On both sides of the path, you can plant a vegetable border that delimits the path, as in the image.

Defined Zones With Simple Materials

No matter how small your garden is, it will surely have different areas: a space to be, a dining room, the solarium area, etc. If you want an idea to update the exterior, try to delimit these areas with a special pavement. In the garden in the photo, the space next to the house has been paved with stone slabs. Another way to do it is to use garden aggregates, grass, etc.

A Well Lit Garden

Providing outdoor spaces with the right lighting is an affordable way to update them. Also, you don’t need to make a big investment. Study what type of light is best for each area: in the living area, in the dining room, at the entrance to the house, etc. Bet on solutions that are efficient and help you save energy, such as solar lamps and LED lights. Of course, look for luminaires that are suitable for exteriors and that you can place outdoors.

Create Shaded Spaces

With good weather comes the time to fully enjoy the garden and outdoor areas. However, in order to do so, it is necessary to have shaded spaces. You can create them with pergolas or awnings, but a more affordable way to achieve this is with climbing plants such as bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spp.) or virgin vine.

Design The Space With Hedges

Hedges are a very practical and versatile plant element, which has many uses and applications in the garden. It serves to delimit the perimeter of it and hide the interior from prying eyes. You can also use lower hedges to separate one area from another or to create color contrasts between different shades of green.

Grow Your Own Garden

It is not necessary to have a lot of space to grow your own vegetables and vegetables. If you do not have space on the ground to put the garden, prepare some large wooden boxes, place them in a sunny corner and fill them with the appropriate substrate. You can now plant tomatoes, lettuce, aromatic plants … even strawberries!


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