Porches full of charm that fall in love

Elegant Porch

Porches full of charm that fall in love

Summer is here. And with it breakfasts al fresco, afternoons in the shade, and endless nights. It’s porch time.

Of Colonial Essence

This porch inspired by the most colonial style is cozy, stately, and very, very warm. Natural fibers are, without a doubt, the protagonists, present in the striking armchairs, sofas, and even the top of the large coffee table. The fan with blades that simulate Japanese fans is striking, a unique touch that emphasizes that character from another era.

The Warmest Environment To Celebrate

Rustic porch

Many natural fibers, white, and a striking faded pink color are the protagonists of this cozy porch, which invites you to spend the afternoons in the best company. The space has been arranged around the workbench. Which offers several seats, and has been completed with comfortable armchairs with armrests.

Comfort Rules

Who said that modular sofas only look good in an interior living room? The porch of this country house proves the opposite, bringing a modern touch to a mostly rustic setting. And not only the sofa creates contrast, but also the fiber puffs, the stool-style coffee table, and the modernized retro-style armchair. The most suitable combination!

In The Purest Andalusian Style

If you want to give your porch a striking and cozy Andalusian style, take a look at how this one has been decorated. With whitewashed walls, a white and wood table, and rope chairs (a trend in outdoor spaces). Then, accessories such as plants or white and blue crockery, the same colors as the textiles, put the icing on the cake.

With Unparalleled Views

A green garden, a swimming pool, and, in the background, the sea. Could this porch ask for more? Yes, a comfortable seating area made up of two facing sofas and a large wooden coffee table. To provide an even cooler touch, large palm trees have been placed on the sides, closing the whole.

The Rustic Porch Of A Country House

A rustic porch must be carried out by wood and nature, as is this one. The natural wooden beams are striking, providing that attractive and welcoming country essence.

A Stylish Porch In Two Areas

With a comfortable living room and a dining room, this porch opens onto the garden in an elegant and stylish way. Painted white, both the walls and the ceiling, help add light. And the warmth? It is achieved thanks to the carpet and the fiber puffs that, being undercover, are not affected by inclement weather.

Surrounded By Green

Climbing plants are a great resource to bring freshness to a porch and also enhance its natural appearance. Species such as ivy, jasmine, or the Japanese vine (which turns its leaves a very attractive reddish color in autumn). If you accompany them with furniture made of wood, wicker, or other natural fibers, you will multiply their charm.

An Elegant Porch With A Kitchen Bar

With all the features, this charming porch has a dining area with an impressive white table and a kitchen bar, behind which there is a sink area and a large barbecue. A perfect space to enjoy the best evenings with friends and family and become the star host.

A Warm Country House Porch

Surrounded by nature, this natural-looking porch enjoys a unique setting. With a comfortable built-in sofa, the fresh look is provided by the aquamarine blue cushions, as well as the fiber armchair and the reed porch, which filters the passage of light creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

To Enjoy All Year

This porch was planned to serve at any time of the year. Thanks to its glass roof, the light passes as if it were outdoors and the glass curtains, which fold to the sides, go almost unnoticed when they are open. The trick for that summer touch? The combination of white and blue in textiles recovers all the Mediterranean essence.

An Extension Of The Living Room

In summer, the hours spent on the porch multiply. For this reason, leaving it open to the living room is the best option to expand both areas and create a great relaxation space. On this porch, full of charm, the curtains are a basic accessory to filter the passage of light and provide a casual and summery look. We love!

The Porch For The Best Sunsets

In itself, a porch is a cozy and pleasant space that invites you to relax. But if, in addition, it has spectacular views, whether to the sea or the mountains, the arrangement of the furniture must go in that direction. And, if it is very small, as in the porch of this example, with just a few comfortable wicker chairs you will have enough.

Overlooking The Pool

From the sofa to the pool and from the pool to the sofa. Without a doubt, this porch of a country house invites you to the most relaxing and pleasant afternoons. Protected by its green roof, which naturally filters the passage of light, it has been decorated with various sofas and armchairs. To promote circulation, the tables are round.

A Porch With Views With Glass Enclosure

Thanks to its glass curtains, this porch can be enjoyed during all months of the year. It is a perfect decision for areas where it is cold or the wind blows. In addition, this resource increases the possibilities when decorating it, since it will not be necessary to place pieces that can withstand inclement weather, thanks to its protection. Here, in addition, the views are impressive and are not covered by absolutely anything.

A Perfect And Stylish Porch

This current and modern porch is bright and welcoming thanks to the mix of fibers and white textiles. The light is not impeded thanks to the methacrylate cover, a type of cover that lets in light but protects from UV rays and rain.

Recovering The Essence

Like something out of a time machine, this porch is a clear example of rustic porches and is capable of transporting us to the summers of our childhood. Under the wooden beams and the stone walls, a living room with fiber furniture has been placed in which not a single detail is left over.


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