Tips for creating and maintaining a vertical garden at home

Vertical garden at home

Tips for creating and maintaining a vertical garden at home

It is undeniable that the well-known green panels bring beauty and freshness to interiors, which is why this decoration has become so common in the world of hospitality. However, little by little vertical gardens have found a space in our homes. If you want to be part of this new trend, this time we will show you some tips to maintain a vertical garden.

There are multiple reasons why we should have one of these spaces in our home. In the words of experts such as  Paisajismo Urbano, vertical gardens in homes convey originality and naturalize spaces. In fact, they have become the best way to integrate flowers and plants on a domestic scale, since their distribution requires little space. Without further ado, let’s start with the keys to creating and maintaining a vertical garden at home.

How To Create My Own Vertical Garden?

Maintaining a vertical garden

The first thing to determine to creating your vertical garden is the structure or surface on which you are going to work. In this sense, there are many alternatives, so do not be afraid to use your imagination. You can choose to use the wall, which improves the image of the home and takes advantage of the flat surface. In any case, there are various presentations, which are covered in our official vertical garden course.

As you can see, green walls are a multiform modality that can be adapted to any idea. Keep in mind that, depending on the ecology, it is advisable to use objects that you no longer use. An example of this is the disused vertical shoe racks. Just put a bag of soil with seeds in the compartments so you can have your vertical garden at home.

You can also go to companies like  Naturpots, which have innovated Ignacio Solano’s proposal with modular vertical gardens. These designs have become popular for irrigation optimization grids, with which they facilitate plant care. In addition, they provide all the stability and security that your vertical garden needs, with their steel structures and terracotta pots.

Suggestions To Maintain Your Vertical Garden?

Before proceeding to build your desired green wall. The ideal is that you know some tricks to keep it in perfect condition. Remember that this is still a garden. So you will need to keep it well cared for your plants to grow healthy. Although some species or designs may have different needs.

To start, you will surely want to anticipate some problems that you could have with your vertical garden when they are made of wood. Try lining the inside of the panel or pots with gardening plastic. But not before coating the material with exterior grade varnish. This way you will avoid corrosion.

As for irrigation solutions, we recommend you opt for drip irrigation if we are talking about small vertical gardens in homes. The showers can be less practical than one thinks, not to mention that they are a great waste of water. Instead of taking out each pot one by one, you can choose a small-mouth watering can for a better water conduit.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of proper drainage. The accumulated water can encourage the appearance of fungi and cause the roots of your plants to rot. For this, it is a good idea to spend a little more on an irrigation system with a suction pump capable of pushing the water back up. In this way, you can take advantage of the water used while guaranteeing the well-being of your home’s vertical garden.


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