What are the traits of a passionate people?

passionate people

What are the traits of a passionate people?

Passion is easier for us to perceive than to define with words. We could describe it as that force that motivates us to get out of bed every morning with the desire to start the day. A strong inclination towards an activity of self-definition that people love, consider important and dedicate great amounts of time and energy. A good way to understand the meaning of passion is by analyzing the activities that passionate people do.

What are the traits of a passionate person?

So here are five things that passionate people do differently:

1- They are obsessed

Passionate people are perhaps the most obsessed there can be. And we are not talking about an unhealthy disorder that borders on a compulsive obsession. Rather, we are talking about the type of people for whom the phrase: ” Do what you love and you will not go back to work a single day of your life ” makes sense. Perhaps their obsession for some is stubbornness and for others tenacity, the truth is that their thoughts are focused on their passion. It is their muse, something that inspires them and makes them happy.

They eat, live, and sleep with their passion, not because they feel overwhelmed or pressured by it, but because it excites them and injects that energy to carry out all their activities.

2- They don’t waste their time

They are aware that time advances every day regardless of whether it is well used or not. Passionate people know how to take advantage of it, so you will not see them spending an entire afternoon playing Pokémon Go, wasting valuable minutes every hour checking social networks, or talking about the day before with a cup of coffee in hand when arriving at the office.

They don’t have time for unimportant things. They dedicate every minute to their passion, and they don’t see it as a sacrifice, as there is nothing else they would have preferred to be doing.

3- Accustomed to getting up early

We repeat it: They know how to take advantage of time! So his days start very early. Howard Schultz, founder and current CEO of Starbucks, wakes up at 4:30 AM to send motivational emails to his employees, get some exercise, and have coffee with his wife. All this before getting into your daily workday.

It’s not that passionate people don’t like to sleep, just that as soon as their alarm sounds, their minds are flooded with ideas and enthusiasm that they can’t afford to stay in bed.

4- They only know how to go at maximum speed

There is no middle ground for passionate people. It is all or nothing. When they decide to go for something, they advance at maximum speed until they cross the finish line or crash. The same passion is an example of all or nothing. You cannot be half passionate, you are or you are not.

A mentor told me something like: who is passionate is passionate in everything, in his work, with his family, with his partner.

5- They do not know the work/life balance

From the first impression, it may seem somewhat strong, especially in a time where in recent years, the idea of ​​the balance that must exist between personal and work life has been sold. But passionate people don’t care about this. Their work is what they are and there is no separation from each other. They do not understand that work things stay in the office. Asking them for something like that is equivalent to asking them to deny what they are. Their passion is inseparable from them. That’s why they will talk about it all the time.

Everyone is responsible for finding their passion in life. If you still cannot find it, assume that it will not come to knock on your door. You have to go out and look for it, experiencing new things. And when you are doing more than one of these five things, surely you are already on the right track.

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